How To Tap Into
Massive Sources of Traffïc
With Virtually No Competition!

Things haven't been this perfect for a long time. In fact,
not since one of the big engines really started to take
off, when those who were lucky enough to be already seated
firmly in the Top 10 for their keywords, has there been
such a plethora of new traffic opportunities.

The internet marketing world has become multi-dimensional
in ways that are surprising to most people who are still
hooked on search engine marketing as their sole website
promotion strategy.

Here are the new avenues of traffic that most people are
NOT taking advantage of outside of the big companies and a
handful of savvy marketers:

1. Podcasting

While it was "the word of the year" for 2005, most people
still have no idea what Podcasting is really about outside
of being able to download music at

And, frankly, it's because the people who "get it" are, for
the first time ever, keeping quiet about it! Or at least
keeping the information of how they are profiting wildly
with Podcasting behind closed doors and in small groups.

And I am not going to get too far into it here for the same
reason as the others: I don't want the competition that
will be here by the end of 2006 to come any earlier because
I blabbed about how it is done in public!

Sorry, but you will have to pay something to become a
millionaire using this information!

But I will give you a clue. Go to and download
the free software that allows you to, yes, download music.
But ignore that part for a minute.

With the iTunes software you can grab Podcasts from major
news organizations and tiny garage websites mostly focusing
on short comic bits.

Pay attention to what you are NOT seeing. One thing is
there isn't a lot of video Podcasts - period. Not even
comedy! And there are no how-to podcasts save a couple
from the people I talked about above.

The savvy marketers are already in the game and getting
traffic from a source all other marketers seem to be
totally discounting right now. To the tune of 6 million or
so pairs of eyeballs dying to see and hear more content,
especially video content, at alone!

Last year you could see the word "Podcasting" uttered
thousands of times by marketers trying to gauge the buzz
worthiness of it among their customer lists.

Well, without showing people how marketing with Podcasts is
done, and with article marketing doing a great job of
bringing people traffic in ways they COULD understand, not
too many marketers really got into it.

We were lucky recently to have a guest speaker from none
other than the Hawaiian Tropics site come in and talk to
our clients about how easy it has been to blow away the
likes of Playboy and other major competitors by offering
their content through Podcasts.

We got to see the inner workings of a successful marketing
campaign on a very very high level. And we gained valuable
insight into how marketing with Podcasts can be done on the
guerilla marketing level.

You watch. By the end of this year you will wish you
started caring about including Podcasting in your marketing
a year ago!

2. Audio and Video Syndication

Article syndication is not dead. It actually has yet to
see its true "boom" period. I say that because until the
content people syndicate gets MUCH better overall, we are
basically using sophisticated software and networks to
distribute garbage.

But as the article syndication industry slowly comes around
to the fact that demanding good content is not going to
hurt business, quite the opposite, there are new networks
developing that will have us creating, syndicating and
streaming much more audio and video around the web to
promote our sites.

All-text content is wearing thin on the patience of surfers
and possible customers. As the bigger sites lead the way
(they almost always do when it comes to new web technology)
we are seeing that our own customers, formerly content to
read 15 page sales letters, are leaving for something more

As we all get used to the internet everyone promised us
would be here long ago, we see that as we buy stuff and
entertain ourselves on the web, we also expect small
websites to measure up to the speed, excitement, movement
and sound we see on many other sites today.

Less text. Much more multi-media. And as many different
ways to access and consume content as we can possibly dream
up. That is what's on the menu and the source of traffic

Think of all those people who left your all-text site in
the last month without buying or clicking on a thing.
Where exactly to you think they were headed? That's right.
To sites with motion and sound to feed their brains
without ruining their eyesight trying to read 10 point font
at high resolution for 15 pages!

You have probably bought a product from a choice between a
few different dealers just because the site was more
engaging than the others. I know I have. And usually I
buy from sites that look like they are really in business.

Any monkey can get a merchant account and slap up some text
to sell a drop shipped product. I want to buy from people
who take the time to take their business (and my credit
card information) seriously! That means people who are
into displaying information in formats other than all-text.

Audio and video editing and syndication tools have come a
long long way in the last year. Anyone can get into the
game and dominate in areas where the traffic is theirs for
the taking because no one is competing with them for it yet!

So, after you are done writing your next article, while you
are syndicating it around the web, make sure you remember
that you are not done until you figure out ways to convert
that article into an audio for your site or for a Podcast.
Or a video script to power a how-to video for the same

Articles, audio, and video should become synonymous with
syndication and traffic generation when thinking about your
marketing campaign. Leaving any of them out of your
marketing is going to cost you big time in 2006 and beyond!


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