I admit it. I am a WebmasterRadio junkie. Not only do I listen to many of
the live shows that they do on a weekly basis, I also find myself listening
to archived shows as well. I absolutely love it. It allows me to not only
keep abreast of the latest happenings in my industry very quickly, it also
allows me to hear the audible voices of many folks that I already know
online or have met in real life. If you frequent any of the popular search
marketing forums or blogs or have attended conferences such as Search Engine
Strategies, PubCon, AdTech and others, then surely you have heard of
WebmasterRadio as well. In my opinion, they are very quickly becoming the
audible voice of the search industry.

We already have a vast array of sites on the subject search engines and
search. These include blogs, forums, resource sites and the like. Many have
been around for years nöw, especially sites like Search Engine Watch which
has been online since almost the birth of the search engines themselves.
Even the trade shows have been around for quite some time nöw. However,
lacking was a way to bring people together with audio and live chat outside
the realm of a costly trade show or forum. That is where WebmasterRadio.FM
fills the void.

WebmasterRadio is the creation of Daron Babin and Brandy Shapiro Babin, who
are not only husband and wífe but partners in business. They officially
launched in November 2004 at a Yahoo Party that was held during one of the
PubCon conferences. It all started with a single show entitled RainMaker, an
Internet radio broadcast that gained such favorable response from listeners
and advertisers that more shows were soon added out of necessity. Daron and
Brandy's goal in establishing WebmasterRadio is to not only get info from
industry leaders to help people in their business but also to bring people
together and connect them through live broadcasts and chat. They have done
this very well with more shows and listeners coming on board all the time.

So what were Daron and Brandy doing before WebmasterRadio? Well for
starters, Daron was one of the pioneers in the SEO industry, coming onto the
scene in 1996 (one year before myself). He even earned the nickname "SEGuru"
which he is still known for today. While WebmasterRadio occupies most of his
time these days, he still does some SEO work. Before WMR, Daron was in
television, working as a director at NBC for twelve years. The combination
of his television/broadcasting experience combined with search marketing
expertise is a perfect match for what WebmasterRadio currently offers.

Brandy comes from a public relations and business development background.
Before WMR, she was the Director of PR for two of the largest independent
advertising agencies in the country. Brandy's extensive background has
allowed her to see both the client and vendor side of product development
and promotion. This has allowed her to guide clients to success, helping
them to maximize their earning and growth potential with a special focus on
non-traditional revenue. Some of the companies Brandy has worked with
include SouthWest Airlines, SunBeam Inc, Data General, Sun Microsystems,
Clear Channel Communications, Paxson Communications, Silicon Graphics and
many other industry leading organizations. Combined, Daron and Brandy make
an awesome team, along with all their staff as well.

Whose voices have been heard on WebmasterRadio? How about names like Noel
McMichael - Vice President of Search Marketing for Digital Impact, John
Marshall - CEO of ClickTracks, Rob Grosshandler - EcomExpo, Michael Korda -
Simon & Schuster, Bruce Clay - Founder of Bruce Clay Inc., Tobi Elkin -
Executive Editor of MediaPost, Communications, Matt Cutts - Google, Lee
Nadler - Founder of Sherpa Marketing, Amanda Watlington, Ph.D. - author of
"Business Blogs - A Practical Guide", and the list goes on and on and on.

So what does WebmasterRadio have to offer? A variety of talk shows dealing
with many different topics which I will summarize below. Before I provide a
summary of current shows, keep in mind that WebmasterRadio is Internet
based. That means anyone in the world can listen. The fact that they have a
live chat room provides for an interactive experience when listening to live
broadcasts. One can actually engage with others listening to the show at the
same time as well as show hosts and guests themselves. The shows are also
available as podcasts that you can listen on your iPod as well as mobile
casts that you can listen on select mobile phones. So their reach is without
borders. Here are some of the shows they have on their line up:

• The Daily SearchCast - This is my personal favorite. 30 minutes with
Danny Sullivan as he recaps current events as well as throwing in a rant
here or there. Daron usually hosts the show but occasionally Dave Naylor,
Todd (Oilman) Friesen and Detlev Johnson fill in as hosts.

• RainMaker - The show that started it all. Daron and Brandy interview
various guests or sometimes just talk among themselves about current events.
Each week immerse yourself in a different facet of online business, ask
questíons of the experts and hang out and have a great time.

• That's A Wrap - Ok, so its two of the old-timers, originals in the SEO
industry, SEGuru (Daron Babin) and WebGuerrilla (Greg Boser). They are
opinionated, bold and pull no punches. Expect their opinion of the current
landscape in the world of technology, web, and life in general. Also expect
to hear the dirt on the Search Marketing World and those who work in it. Its
all a matter of opinion on this show... so everything is fair game.

• SEO Rockstars - Join Todd (Oilman) Friesen every week and have your
eyes opened to the wide variety of search engine optimization tactics
available to you. Covering the spectrum from low to high risk methods of
online marketing, this show is guaranteed to make your head spin and keep
you thinking.

• Strike Point - Hosts Mikkel deMib Svendsen & Dave Naylor bring you the
first European show of its kind, addressing issues faced by European
webmasters regarding search marketing and optimization. Expect to be
informed on the nuances of maximizing earnings revenue from a European
perspective. Irreverent, cocky and experienced... don't let the Eurotrash
fool you! These guys are true experts and a show to not be missed.

• Cover Story - Host Brandy Shapiro-Babin reserves a headline for you.
Each week she is joined with public relations powerhouses to share and
discuss information which is vital and timely for you to maximize your
public relations efforts.

• Affíliate Marketing Today - Each week hosts from Commission Junction
share both advertiser and publisher perspectives ranging from basic to
advanced on how to get the most out of your affïliate marketing program and
often reach out to some of the industry’s top players. Listen in, learn what
the other side is thinking, and make it a win-win.

• NextStuff Now - Hosted by Chris Tolles, vice president of Topix.Net;
each week get a sneak peak behind closed doors to speak with the people who
are developing new technology, products and services for the internet.

• Domain Masters - Hosted by Monte Cahn, founder and CEO of;
learn how to be the master of your domain including lëgal rights, domain
name monetization; ask questíons live from the pro's.

• Ms. Write - A content moments segment brought to you by InfoSearch
Media's Sarah MacKay (Ms. Write). The show focuses on building quality
content while illustrating its usefulness.

• ad:tech Connect - Join ad:tech chair Susan Bratton and guest hosts as
they interview top marketing leaders of today in this candid, one hour, web
radio program.

• GoodKarma - Hosted by Greg Niland (GoodROI); this show helps explain
topics for newbies and can even help an old dog to learn some new tricks.
During the show there will be prizes given away as well as the answers to
the newbie questíons you were too embarrassed to ask.

• The Hook with Katie Kempner - Katie is VP and Director of Agency
Communications at Crispin Porter + Bogusky. The Hook charts the territory
where advertising and public relations meet providing exclusive interviews
with the industry's finest advertising and public relations gurus, creatives
and journalists to discuss the latest news and strategy in the industry.

• Power Source - Tim Mayer and Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo! Search are your
hosts for a power hour surging with an exciting look at some of the Valleys
newest and hottest companies. Tap into interviews and commentary from people
working behind the scene plus, Tim and Jeremy will light it up with the
latest happenings in the online world.

• The Fringe - This show will keep you in the know on what's hot and
what's not, tracking the future of cool! Delve into an entertaining journey
to the edge. Celebrity designer, TV personality and international DJ Nani
Vinken takes you to the fringes of our culture. To a part of our culture,
that most rarely see, to entertainment and insight into hip, cool and
intriguing parts of everyday life before it occurs. Philosophers idea
generators, rule-breakers, social divas, cultural studs.

That's a lot of shows. Time in between shows is filled with a wide variety
of popular music. There are also commercials but nevër over-bearing like you
would experience with most radio stations. As you can see by the titles
above, there is just about something for everyone. It is rumored that a
couple of new shows that will be coming online shortly will include Jennifer
Slegg of JenSense and Michael Korda from Simon & Schuster.

Besides having a great line-up of talk shows, WebmasterRadio is the official
radio for Search Engine Strategies, AdTech, PubCon and EcomXpo. They are
present at all of these conferences, broadcasting live and bringing an
inside view of these conferences for people that cannot attend in person.
This makes for a heavy travel schedule for both Daron and Brandy but they
seem to love it. Did I also mention that they are great at getting parties
started as well? They recently organized a party at blues legend, Buddy
Guy's club where Buddy himself made an appearance.

So if you haven't tuned in to WebmasterRadio yet, what are you waitïng for?
They are truly creating a legacy. When interviewing Brandy for this article,
she reflected that her and Daron feel overjoyed that they are responsible
for bringing a community of people together. WMR is making a difference in
people's lives, helping them improve their businesses and themselves.
Listeners are also coming to depend on their daily dose of WMR. I know I am.
For that, both Daron and Brandy are thrilled at what has transpired so far
and look forward to a bright future.

David Wallace


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