Linking Strategies:
"To Buy or not to Buy,
That is the Question"

Buying text links for your website is a highly controversial subject online.
Like it or not, approve of the practice or disapprove, it does exist and
there are many website owners who are doing it. I'm not going to debate
issue one way or the other; just shed some light on what some consider
"gray subject."

So why would you want or need to buy a text link on another website? It all
goes back to "link popularity." Search engines look at how many other sites
are linking to yours when deciding on your ranking. Granted, this is just
one criterion, but nevertheless an important one to pay attention to.

If you don't know how many other sites are linking to yours, go to any
search engine and type this in: link: ... you
should get a pretty good idea of your "popularity." Keep in mind that Google
nevër shows all sites linking to yours, so what you see in the results will
not be an accurate presentation of those linking to you. Why they do this
not clear (it's one of those "Google Secrets"), but a possible explanation
is that it's one of the methods they use to keep their ranking algorithms

When considering a link purchase, only buy from sites that are related to
your theme and use the Google Toolbar to chëck their page rank. You can
download it here:

A page rank of 4 or above is pretty good but a 7 or 8 is excellent. Nevër
buy a link based on page rank alone. If the site doesn't relate to your
site's content, don't do it.

Here are some things to keep in mind before making any purchases:

There are two types of links: one-way and reciprocal. A reciprocal link is
when two sites agree to link to each other, a one-way link is just one site
linking to another without linking back. Purchasing a text link is an
example of a one-way link. One-way links are counted higher by most
engines and therefore are more valuable then reciprocal.

When supplying your text link to other sites, make sure to include your
keywords in your anchor text. The anchor text is the part of the link that
is clickable. Use a variety of key phrases so as not to raise any red flags
with the search engines.

You also want to be consistent with your url. Use the "www." part in all
incoming links, as links to "" and ""
be treated as two different websites by the search engines.

Another tip when buying links is to do it slowly. Don't buy too many at one
time. You want it to look natural to the search engines. Hundreds of sites
deciding to link to yours in a week is not "natural" and may catch unwanted
attention from the powers that be.

Stay away from link farms when choosing link partners. Just associating with
"bad sites" can be enough to get you banned by the search engines. You'll
also want to make sure you're getting links from different IP addresses.
Search engines will give the links more weíght if they don't all come from
the same IP.

So now that you have the basics, where do you buy the text links? I thought
you'd nevër ask.

1) LinkHaul

Purchase static links to PR 4, 5,6, 7 or 8 websites. Pricing starts at 3.00
per month.

2) Text Link Brokers

Offering a variety of link building programs to increase your link

3) LinkAdage

Buy or sell text links within an auction format or buy dírect thru a broker.

4) Text-Link-Ads

Offering $100.00 in frëe text link ads when you spend $125.00. So you only
have to spend an initial ínvestment of $25.00

5) BackLinks

Frëe service that allows webmasters to trade, sell or buy text links.

When you buy a link, it's usually billed on a monthly basis and you'll
always pay more for a site with a higher page rank, and also for having them
put your link on their main page compared to a page deeper down within the
site. Once you purchase a link let it run for a few months at a time. Search
engines will need it in order to find and spider them.

Right or wrong, purchasing links is one way to improve your link popularity
quickly and move your site up the ranks in the search engines. Remember,
there are many ways to increase your website traffïc, and buying text links
is just another means to an end. Merle


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